2112 Pt. 1 - Overture
Performed By Rush
Year 1976
Appears in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Genre Prog Rock
Guitar Intensity 60%
Bass Intensity 60%
Drums Intensity 60%
Vocals Intensity 20%
Length 3 min 48 sec
Music noicon

2112 cover.

"Overture" is the first part of the 2112 challenge, it is by Rush as all of the songs in this challenge in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. It takes Johnny Napalm, Echo Tesla, Judy Nails, and Austin Tejas to Legendary Guitar Stage. But with little lyrics make it little difficult to understand, the Sections would explain more.


The Epic Begins
Once Upon a Time
In the Year 2112
A Perfect World Was Created!
But Music Was Regulated...
Then One Day...
One Man...
Would Find Something...
That Would Change His Life Forever!
Curtains Up!


Whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah!

And the meek shall inherit the Earth


Children Of The Grave
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