All Day and All of the Night is a song by the British band The Kinks from 1964. It reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart and #7 on the United States Charts. Like their previous hit "You Really Got Me", the song relies on a simple sliding power chord riff, although this song's riff is slightly more complicated, incorporating a B Flat after the chords F and G. Otherwise, the recordings are similar in beat and structure, with similar background vocals, progressions, and guitar solos.

Kinks AllDay

Single Artwork.

Appears InEdit

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Tier 2)

This song appears as a Cover Version.


Most of the song consists of repetitive, easy sections. However, the short solo can easily catch a sightreader off guard.

Easter EggsEdit

This song's main riff, played twice, can be entered in the game's Cheats section to unlock the Precision Mode cheat. A hint regarding this is given when you beat the Expert career.


Guitar Hero Aerosmith - The Kinks - All Day And All of the Night (Expert Guitar FC)03:08

Guitar Hero Aerosmith - The Kinks - All Day And All of the Night (Expert Guitar FC)

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - The Kinks - All Day And All of the Night (Expert Guitar FC)

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