Audioslave is the band, or to some, the supergroup consisting of the 3 remaining members of Rage Against the Machine and singer of Soundgarden Chris Cornell. They debuted in 2002 with a self-titled album which surprisingly attained triple-platinum success. The band began excessive touring to follow up their record and began recording material for a new album in 2004 named Out of Exile Their new record released May 24, 2005 and was nearly as successful as Audioslave (their first album). Then a year later they released another record Revelations which many people were surprised how quickly the put it out on the market, but it still remained a good album, but it left a horrid date for Audioslave fans. It was after the release of Revelations that Chris Cornell decided to leave the band, leaving the 3 former Rage Against the Machine members once again without a frontman.

Chris has since continued a solo career, and Tom Morello has started a solo career as well. He plays acoustic shows under a stage name The Nightwatchman. Rage Against the Machine recently reformed at the Coachella Music Festival and when Tom isn't being the Nightwatchman; Brad, Tim, Tom, and Zack De La Rocha perform live shows occasionally.

Band MembersEdit

Chris Cornell formerly of Soundgarden Vocals (2002-2006)

Tom Morello formerly of Rage Against the Machine Guitar (2002-2006)

Brad Wilk formerly of Rage Against the Machine Drums (2002-2006)

Tim Commerford formerly of Rage Against the Machine Bass (2002-2006)

Contributions to Guitar HeroEdit

CochiseGuitar Hero                                                                                                                                                               Like a Stone - Guitar Hero Live

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