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Balls to the Wall --
as made famous by Accept
Tier: 1

Easy 4-star: 61,190
Easy 5-star: 85,666

Medium 4-star: 90,376 (estimate), 90,351-90,400
Medium 5-star: 126,527

Hard 4-star: 116,784
Hard 5-star: 163,498

Expert 4-star: 127,040
Expert 5-star: 177,856

Co-op 4-star: 207,598 (estimate), 148,445-239,482
Co-op 5-star: 246,350 (estimate), 239,482-275,563
Total notes on Easy: 436
Total notes on Medium: 512
Total notes on Hard: 579
Total notes on Expert: 662
Video link on Hard:
Video link on Expert:

"Balls to the Wall" is a heavy metal song by the German band Accept from the album with the same name as the song. Not so hard to beat as it sounds like.


Songs of Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
Opening Licks
(Bang Your Head) Metal Health - We Got The Beat - I Ran (So Far Away) - Balls To The Wall - 18 And Life
No One Like You - Shakin' - Heat Of The Moment - Radar Love - Because, It's Midnite
String Snappers
Holy Diver - Turning Japanese - Hold On Loosely - The Warrior - I Wanna Rock
Return of the Shred
What I Like About You - Synchronicity II - Ballroom Blitz - Only A Lad - Round And Round
Relentless Riffs
Nothin' But a Good Time - Lonely Is The Night - Bathroom Wall - Los Angeles - Wrathchild
Electric Eye - Police Truck - Seventeen - Caught In A Mosh - Play With Me

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