The base score is a value used in calculating song ratings. Values are held within the games themselves.

The Base-icsEdit

The base score for any given song is obtained by hitting every single note in the song at a x1 multiplier. (To obtain a sample base score figure, pick a song on Easy and deliberately overstrum after every ninth note, while holding sustained notes as little as possible.)

Base scores are obviously different for each difficulty level.

The Cutoff EquationEdit

In the Guitar Hero series, the only way to know how many stars you got on a song or how many points you need to reach a certain amount of stars is the Cutoff Equation. Average multipliers are used in calculating the review rating you receive at the end of a song. Achieving an average multiplier of 2.0 (or, equivalently, a total score of double the base score) will earn you a 4-star review. 5 stars are obtained for an average multiplier of 2.8 in Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s and Guitar Hero III, or 3.0 in Guitar Hero. Determining the locations of the 4- and 5-star cutoffs make it possible to mathematically determine the base score for any given song at any given difficulty.

You need to know:

  • Base Scores
  • Star Multiplier Table
  • Your Difficulty of the song of choice

The FormulaEdit

To get the minimum cutoff score for a song, all you have to do is multiply the base score by the correct Star Multiplier (see the list below). In other words, follow this formula:

BS x M = Cutoff Score

Star Multiplier Table (post Guitar Hero I)Edit

According to the table below, your average multiplier has to be at least the amount on the right to get a certain amount of stars.

  • 3 Stars: x1.0
  • 4 Stars: x2.0
  • 5 Stars: x2.8
  • 6 Stars: x3.6
  • 7 Stars: x4.4
  • 8 Stars: x5.2
  • 9 Stars: x6.0

Star Multiplier Table (Guitar Hero I)Edit

  • 3 Stars: x1
  • 4 Stars: x2
  • 5 Stars: x3
  • 6 Stars: x4
  • 7 Stars: x5
  • 8 Stars: x6
  • 9 Stars: x7

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