Bonus Songs are extra songs unlocked by spending money earned in-game. They can be purchased by going to menus (they vary by game), or going to the Options menu from the main menu, and going to the Store option. They will then appear on all of the bands that are on that game disk. On Guitar Hero I, II, they appear under the main set list. On Guitar Hero III, they can be accessed by hitting the blue fret button. Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s does not have any Bonus songs. While some videos have the song Because It's Midnite listed as a bonus song, this was only a demo and did not appear in the final game.

Differences between main set list and bonus songsEdit

There are many differences between bonus and main set list songs. For one, they are in their own section on the list of songs. They are not arranged into tiers, and there are generally fewer bonus songs than main songs. Also, they contain the hardest songs in the game, such as Through the Fire and Flames and Jordan. This is done so that the player can finish the main setlist without being stuck on a song for extended periods. You also do not earn money for completing these songs or earning more stars on them. Also, almost all bonus songs are master tracks, the only exception being She Bangs the Drums.

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