Children of Bodom is a heavy metal band from Espoo, Finland, formed in 1993. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Alexi Laiho (vocals, lead guitar), Roope Latvala (rhythm guitar), Janne Wirman (keyboards), Henkka Seppälä (bass), and Jaska Raatikainen (drums). In total they have released six studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, and one DVD. The band's third studio album, Follow the Reaper, was their first album to receive a Gold certification in Finland, and since then, all six of the band's studio albums have reached the same status. In Finland, Children of Bodom has released three consecutive albums that debuted at number one on Finnish album charts, and has also seen chart positions on the United States Billboard 200. The band has incorporated many different musical styles, leading critics and fans to label them as melodic death metal,black metal, thrash metal, and progressive metal.

Discography Edit

  • Something Wild (1997)
  • Hate Breeder (1999)
  • Follow the Reaper (2000)
  • Hate Crew Deathroll (2003)
  • Are You Dead Yet? (2005)
  • Blooddrunk (2008)
  • Skeletons in the Closet (2009)
  • Relentless Reckless Forever (2011)

In Guitar HeroEdit

"Done With Everything, Die for Nothing" on Guitar Hero 5

"If You Want Peace... Prepare for War" on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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