"Done with Everything, Die For Nothing is a 2008 death metal song by the band Children Of Bodom. It is featured on Guitar Hero 5 and is exportable. It is considered by many to be one of the hardest songs in the entire game. With some hellish guitar solos and chords like the speed of God, this will be more than a match for an Expert Guitarist. The bass is a tad fast, and includes notes amidst bass lines, and can get a bit tedious, but easy to beat on bass either way. The vocals are so simple, a baby could warble into a microphone and get 100% on Expert. The instument that will give you the most trouble is the drums. With intensely fast double-bass from the start, this will leave your feet sore and extra care must be taken from mutilation with this song from hell. Good luck with this one!!

Song Stats:

Guitar: 8

Bass: 4

Drums: 9 ◆◆

Vocals: 1

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