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The Rock Meter starts in middle green in an encore song.

In the Guitar Hero series, starting in Guitar Hero II (the fifth song of each venue in the original Guitar Hero is just a nornal song), an Encore song is always the last song in a tier. After completing every other song in the tier (or all but one on medium and Easy difficulty) the player has the option to play the encore song. When one is playing the encore song, the Rock Meter always starts at middle-green. In Guitar Hero II, there is an achievement for refusing to play an encore song. (Rock Snob Award)

. In Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero 80's, encores can be played when 3 of the 4 opening songs are completed on Medium or all of the 4 opening songs are completed on Hard or Expert. . In Guitar Hero III, the encore can be played when all of the opening songs but one are completed on Easy or Medium or when all of the opening songs are completed on Hard or Expert. . In the rest of the games, at any difficulty level, the encore can be played when all of the other songs are played. . When an encore is played, something changes in the venue to tell you that it's encore time. (i.e., at the Rock City Theater, a disco ball appears).

List of Encore SongsEdit

Guitar Hero (Actually counted as a normal song in this game)Edit

Guitar Hero IIEdit

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80sEdit

Guitar Hero III: Legends of RockEdit

Solo Career

Co-Op Career

Guitar Hero AerosmithEdit

Guitar Hero: World Tour Edit

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Edit

Guitar Hero 5 Edit

Band Hero Edit

Guitar Hero: Warriors of RockEdit


Guitar Hero III - Encore time01:37

Guitar Hero III - Encore time

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