Evil is the first song on Mercyful Fate's debut album, Melissa, which was released in 1983, and is featured in Guitar Hero Metallica as a master track. When playing the song, the normal singer is replaced by the lead singer of Mercyful Fate, King Diamond. Unfortunately, unless your really into black/thrash/progressive metal, you probably won't know who he is. Take it from me, an anonymous person you don't know, Mercyful Fate is a pretty sweet band, and their album Abigail is definetely worth a listen.

Walkthrough Edit

While "Evil" is certainly not as difficult as other songs in it's tier, (cough cough "Battery" cough) the main riff is somewhat tricky. After a couple of times through though, you'll have no problems with it. The more interesting and difficult parts of the song are the numerous solos. The first and last ones are fairly difficult, but the middle ones aren't as bad. Hopefully you'll have star power, so it's not that much of a problem. Now, if you have trouble passing this song or other songs in this area of difficulty, you'll almost certainly need some star power for the last solo. Luckily, there's about a minute of easy verse riffs and fairly mild solos before then that can get you some star power. Now comes the hard part: after the GO YB RB chords, the song speeds up a good bit and kicks off into a tricky series of solos that lead to the end of the song. There's a star phrase right at the start of he solo, so you definetely should have star power by now. Save it for the tapping solo, and you'll be golden.

Video Edit

Expert FC on guitar

Guitar Hero Metallica - Evil - Mercyful Fate - 100% Expert FC05:16

Guitar Hero Metallica - Evil - Mercyful Fate - 100% Expert FC

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