Fight Fire With Fire is the first track on Metallica's second album, Ride the Lightning. It is, all in all, a very challenging song, and a good deal of skill will be required to pass it.


Consisting of almost constant fast strumming, practicing this song for a few hours will put some meat on your strumming arm for sure. You will definitely need it if you hope to get a good score at least. The main riff can be learned with some practice, as it is mostly green notes with a few chords thrown in. That Burning Riff, however, is another story. Appearing 5 times throughout the song, this mess of single notes, HOPOs, and chords will have you smashing your guitar against the wall. The solo is hard, but compared to the rest of the song it isn't that hard. The slider section is annoying as always, but even if you FC past the solo you still have another burning riff to deal with. An FC of this song yields rewards of epic proportions.

Guitar FC Bass FC
Guitar Hero Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire 100% Expert 1st FC05:18

Guitar Hero Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire 100% Expert 1st FC

Drums FC Vocals FC
Fight Fire with Fire Expert+ FC05:05

Fight Fire with Fire Expert+ FC

Guitar Hero Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire Expert Vocals FC05:25

Guitar Hero Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire Expert Vocals FC

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