Guitar Hero Three Control Panel is a modding tool for Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero Aerosmith made by MaXKilleR, originally published July 12, 2008 on the ScoreHero forums. The program allows you to make custom songs, setlists, tiers, and edit textures in the game's files, probably made in Visual Studio, knowing by the fact that the icon for the program on the top left of the window is the default icon for Visual Studio programs. After modding the game with GHTCP, it installs an extra part of Guitar Hero such as a custom menu and unlock everything cheat by only strumming a red note in the "ENTER CHEAT" menu. More informally, adding a gem scale numerating option, setlist switcher, gfx options, autoplay toggle, etc.


Thus opening the program appears a terms policy-similar dialog saying the following:

"By Clicking 'I ACCEPT', I agree to the following terms.

1) I am using this program at my own risk.

Only you are responsible for anything that might happen during the use of this program.

2) I got this program from MaXKilleR's official thread on ScoreHero. 

Downloading it from anywhere else is HIGHLY discouraged.

The only reason for anyone else to upload it is to infect it with Viruses and/or Trojans.

3) I am using this program with software and material I own and/or have license for.

Know what is legal and illegal under your government laws.

4) I have read inimitable's text guide.

The guide explains how to use this very user-friendly program.

5) I will not annoy MaXKilleR for new features or suggestions unless he requested it.

The development (or at least the release) of this program will stop if this term is not respected."

After accepting the terms, the menu consists of a song list and action request to the left, three tabs containing progression settings, setlist configuration, and song editor, which, at the point, didn't really have many features that allows you to edit songs and would be a song previewer instead. The menu strip at the top contains of a file, add, game, and songlist management button. Progression settings was left blank, even if game settings were already loaded using the "file" button. Setlist configuration displays a layout of a setlist maker, tier properties editor and song arranger, and movie chooser, which is used to select a cutscene for when the player starts to play the setlist with the chosen cutscene. More can be explained about the menu through screenshots of the program or on the same post about the tool.

How to useEdit

A forum post on the same website, ScoreHero, was a guide on how to use GHTCP linked here .

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