The following is the setlist for Guitar Hero World Tour with the songs arranged for the drummer's solo career. As per usual, the songs are arranged from the easiest to the hardest.

1. Wilted Orchid (Sweden)Edit

2. House of Blues (Los Angeles)Edit

3. Phi Psi Kappa (U.S.A.)Edit

4. Pang Tang Bay (Hong Kong)Edit

5. Bone Church (Poland)Edit

6. Tool (U.S.A.)Edit

7. Strutter's Farm (Kentucky)Edit

8. Swamp Shack (Louisiana)Edit

9. Amoeba Records (Los Angeles)Edit

10. Will Heilm's Keep (England)Edit

11. Ted's Tiki Hut (Tahiti)Edit

12. AT&T Park (San Francisco)Edit

13. Recording Studio (Canada)Edit

14. Ozzfest (Germany)Edit

15. Tesla's Coil (Australia)Edit

16. Rock Brigade (Pacific)Edit

17. Times Square (New York City)Edit

18. Sunna's Chariot (Asgard)Edit

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