Gunner Jaxon first appeared in Guitar Hero: On Tour as the grunge rocker. He replaced Izzy Sparks in the DS game, although taking the grunge genre of Pandora and Pandora taking Izzy's glam rock genre. Gunner's appearence seems to be based off of Foo Fighter's frontman, Dave Grohl.


"Man of few words, he lets guitar do the talking for him. Formerly, "Augustus Edward Jackson", Gunner never fit into the mold his parents had picked out for him. Given the choice to an athlete or a lawyer, he chose option C... Rock Stardom. Not caring what other people think, the only feedback Gunner likes comes from his amp. For a quiet guy, he sure keeps the volume high. His band members say that he needs blaring music in order to sleep at night." - Guitar Hero:On Tour

"Gunner doesn't actually tour, he kind of just does whatever. The dude is on a whole other wavelength, and he lets his amp do the talking for him. He raises the volume and lays on the power chords until something starts smoking. Gunner's solos are 100% grunge... just like the shirt he's been wearing this month." - Guitar Hero On Tour:Decades


Gunner normally has brown, shaggy hair and an un-shaved face. All of his outfits consits of ripped jeans, a greasy shirt of some sort and sneakers.


  • He was originally named Gunner Jackson but was changed for unknown reasons
  • He appears in Band Hero as a Secret character and can be unlocked by entering this cheat:
Blue ,Yellow ,Green ,Yellow ,Red,Green ,Red ,Yellow.
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