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Leave No Ashes

Album cover

Heart Full of Black
Performed by Burning Brides
Year 2004
Appears in Guitar Hero
Tier 3
★★★★ (Expert) 101,776
★★★★★ (Expert) 152,664


Beware the alt-strumming in the second half.

Appears InEdit

Guitar Hero (3rd Tier)

This song appears as a Cover Version.

Song StatsEdit

Difficulty Total Notes Base Score 4-Star 5-Star
Easy 316 21,879 43,758 65,637
Medium 397 33,396 66,792 100,188
Hard 576 49,138 98,276 147,141
Expert 614 50,888 101,776 152,664


Guitar Hero I - Heart Full Of Black - Expert (100%)03:52

Guitar Hero I - Heart Full Of Black - Expert (100%)

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