Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry appears in the sixth and last tier of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith where you must Guitar Battle Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry. Defeating him unlocks Joe Perry as a playable character in the game (which means he is playable during opening acts or songs not by Aerosmith.) Defeating him also unlocks Joe Perry Guitar Battle which is the entire battle made into a single or multiplayer song which can used in career,quickplay,practice,or multiplayer. This song however unlike Guitar Battle vs Slash,Guitar Battle vs Tom Morello and The Devil Went Down To Georgia is not a downloadable content song therefore can be played on the Wii and PS2 versions as well. Some known to FC ( or full combo) this song are jameslikecoulter, wuLFe79 and AttackBozzio.

Another thing different about this song is that the last note is a four note chord of green, red, yellow and blue on the lead guitar note highway. The only other four note chords in the Guitar Hero series are in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on the rhythm guitar note highway of Go That Far during the Bridge 2 Solo, and on Guitar Hero: On Tour on the lead guitar note highway on Pride and Joy during Solo 2. Currently this stands as the only guitar battle with four note chord, but not the only song. Master of Puppets in the game Guitar Hero: Metallica features a four note chord as the last note, and Guitar Hero World Tour's Santeria features extended sustains as the the following G-GR-GRY-GRYB. This is also not the largest chord in the Guitar Hero series. Raining Blood on Guitar Hero Smash Hits features a five note chord as the last note. Although fun to play a five note chord, some say it is unnecessary to chart a chord that sounds nothing like a guitar, but of like thunder.


Guitar Hero Aerosmith guitar battle vs Joe Perry (ps2)03:41

Guitar Hero Aerosmith guitar battle vs Joe Perry (ps2)

Guitar Hero Aerosmith guitar battle vs Joe Perry (ps2)

Songs of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
Getting the Band Together
All the Young Dudes - Dream Police - Uncle Salty - Draw the Line - Make It
First Taste of Success
I Hate Myself for Loving You - All Day and All of the Night - Movin' Out - No Surprize - Sweet Emotion
The Triumphant Return
Complete Control - Personality Crisis - Livin' on the Edge - Rag Doll - Love in an Elevator
International Superstars
She Sells Sanctuary - King of Rock - Nobody's Fault - Bright Light Fright - Walk This Way (Run DMC cover)
The Great American Band
Hard to Handle - Always on the Run - Back in the Saddle - Beyond Beautiful - Dream On
Rock N Roll Legends
Cat Scratch Fever - Mama Kin - Sex Type Thing - Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry - Toys in the Attic - Train Kept A-Rollin'
Bonus Songs (The Vault)
Walk This Way - Rats in the Cellar - Kings and Queens -Combination - Let the Music do the Talking - Shakin My Cage - Pink - Talk Talkin - Mercy - Pandora's Box - Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry

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