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25th February 2015
The Guitar Hero franchise might be returning for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.[1][2]
5th December 2012
Guitar Hero 7 was discovered to be in development in 2011 but was canceled.[3]
9th February 2011
The Guitar Hero series are discontinued
28th September 2010
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock released
7th June 2010
Guitar Hero released for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad!
22nd December 2009
Guitar Hero: Van Halen released
Fall 2009
Band & DJ Hero released
1st September 2009
Guitar Hero 5 released!
31st August 2009
WikiHero hits the 750 article milestone!
16th June 2009
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits released!
21st May 2009
The wiki gets a visual makeover with a new skin, logo and favicon!
29th March 2009
Guitar Hero: Metallica released!
14th November 2008
Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades released!
26th October 2008
Guitar Hero World Tour was launched!

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Guitar Hero 7 was the seventh main entry in the Guitar Hero series. It was in development by Vicarious Visions in 2011 but the game was canceled during the middle of development. Guitar Hero 7 was going to be different from the other Guitar Hero games but due to a troubled development cycle, the game would of been a disaster. read more

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Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock Metallica Feat. Ozzy Osbourne - "Paranoid (Live)"




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