{{Character Infobox |image = Fretshredder |name = Marcus Fretshredder |first = Guitar Hero World Tour |genre = Power Metal, Scandinavian Folk Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal |likes = Dethklok, Being the guitarist |dislikes = Other guitarists stealing his fans |board = Tribal fretboard (GHWT, GHM, GHSH, Guitar Hero Live, and Rocksmith too) Marcus Fretshredder (Marcus Fjörn Fretshredder) is a great guitarist teacher and character in World Tour plus many others following in suit.Featured in the cutscenes and the Recording Studio as the Guitarist for a band with Riki Lee, Matty Cannz, and Shirley Crowley. He also is the instructor for the Guitar Tutorial. He is sweet,tenderhearted,and fun to be with .


Marcus Fjorn is an awesome guy who treasures the small things that'll grow into something much with greater meaning, simple tastes of friendships from those who look up to him with glad tidings. He's a gentle giant with loving kindness inside & out. Don't make fun of this guy because he's such a teddybear, no regrets. Marcus doesn't expect the world to bow down to anybodys' level, just be yourself.There is no competition between him from everybody else. He is like a guidance counselor, an old friend, companion, hangout partner, spokesperson, mediator and so on & so forth. Marcus can see what you've probably can't. Don't feel left out or in the cold because of how he perceives you,he's only one guy with so much on his mind. Marcus is very gifted with grabbing the big picture from all the small pieces he's found along the way. Cool kid (adult man) out of a slew of people in this world..."


Torso: Grey Colored Sleeveless Shirt
Pants: Grey Leather Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Black Short Bucked Boots
Accessories: Spiked Wrist Band and One


  • Marcus's appearance is sporting long brownish-blond hair. His default outfit consists of a dark gray sleeveless shirt, spiked wristbands and black pants and boots.
  • His name can be taken as a reference to neo-classical guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen, who is also Scandinavian by blood birth as a child of Rock God vitueoso guitar playing skills similar to other guitarists such as Children of Bodoms' Alexi Lahoes' very good battlegrounds of thrash metal,neo-classical tag teamed events of traditional upbringings.
  • Marcus also appears in Guitar Hero Metallica and Smash Hits, but he does appear in GH5.

  • To unlock Marcus in Guitar hero Metallica you need to get 55 stars in Guitar career mode.
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