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' Born Marcus Fjorn Frettenshredder to dutch parents, Marcus resides in the US as a young kid. His journey into the world of rock came as insight to him like after a fall from a tree - as he lay there, he saw spirited visions of stages and exotic locations, followed by the image of a golden like glowing guitar. Since then he's studied the more metaphysically as well as spiritual aspects of music and theory playing in particular. It's been his life's pursuit to attain the status of Rock God.
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stardom. Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero: Metallica,Guitar Hero: Smash Hits


Torso:grey rolled up t-shirt
Pants:grey plated leathers
Shoes:black buckle boots
Accessories : Warhammer on right arm and holiband on his left arm plus a bracelet that says -psychic- on it.


  • Marcus's appearance is sporting long brownish-blond hair. His default outfit consists of a dark gray sleeveless shirt, spiked wristbands and black pants and boots.
  • His name can be taken as a reference to neo-classical guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen, who is also Scandinavian by blood birth as a child of Rock God vitueoso guitar playing skills similar to other guitarists such as Children of Bodoms' Alexi Lahoes' very good battlegrounds of thrash metal,neo-classical tag teamed events of traditional upbringings.
  • Marcus also appears in Guitar Hero Metallica and Smash Hits, but he does appear in GH5.
  • To unlock Marcus in Guitar hero Metallica you need to get 55 stars in Guitar career mode.
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Mark Fabenhausgraftenswarz caterpillar friend

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