{{Character Infobox |image = Fretshredder |name =  Marcus Fjorn Frettenshredder =Rock,rock alterntive,the 80's music,metal,classic rock,etc.] and housekeeping at the Econo Lodge  (Coca-Cola supported Choice Hotels Internationals and GHWT) here in NewWindsor,NY and he loves me for (teddy bear personality).  With a GHWT young Marcus Fretshredder with his foot on a box playing guitar GHWT cutscene outtakes like inside Tinas' housekeeping carpet pattern at the Econo Lodge of Stewart Airport. |likes = Being an air guitarist,deep thinking always and civilized people plus Tinas' huggies and kisses .He likes talking toToki Wartooth,Nathan Explosion,Murderface Williams,Pickles the Drummer,Charles Foster Offdensen,Gizmachi, R.F.L.and Tina VanDuzer all of us with microphones (Tinas' left eye covered like Marcus' )...  24/7.Mental videos of this to each other..Francis Taravellas' voice "Jesus Is Lord Fellowship Church" voice is heard along with ORMC Hospital Acoustic guitar guy redish fur teddy bear voice. 

==Basically he doesn't fret over nonsense behavior because his intuition lies between him and his alterego typical personality.He is not a stranger whos never been blinded from renounced a Rock God and so much to average Joe.He is critical when it comes to the nitty-gritty  arch nemisis playground would be his stronger suit mind to character out takes on his stardom to being the fastest guitarist alive Yngwie Malmsteen and neo classical death metal Dethklok likeness.He loves the fans adoration even if all comes down totrying to achieve Star Power gauge up and feel the audiences cheering.Marcus sets his own goals,meditates in private,talks to small groups of people depending on what he thinks out loud.Marcus and I Tina Van Duzer sounds something like Danger Dolans' voice...quite comical who'd would of knew that it's awesome that's all I've got to say....

Marcus was born in Sweden then went to Surry,England then moved to the United States and masochism america,

Put together Ms.Tina Marie VanDuzers' voice inside of Marcus Fretshredders' voice and think about it as if this was being recorded live in a studio then you'd be awestruck,just trust me here.please consider this as Tinas' gift for GH's greatest moments on and off stage.Thank you all so much for considering this beans. -thank you,Tina Marie VanDuzer and her pale skin fuzzy friend teddy bear  and fuzzt friend caterpillar for the Dollar Tree.looks like Marcus with one eye down and one eye up,Marcus uses his Piercing Scream microphone when he feels he wants to.His mic stand is a cruch.He owns a black starburst elecric guitar and a regular acoustic guitar .line 6 amptoo,plus here's some even it goes goin downklok mode...=5A 3CRL m2Lv 3SL Ifb 867 3R LF8841= and see what happens next...


Torso: Grey rolled up shortsleeved shirt with wooly bear caterpillar friends on it
Pants: plated leathers 
Shoes: black buckled boots
Accessories :warhammer on his right arm and holiband on his left arm
 If you see his demeanor he comes as a good friend,comrad in arms to take control of certain situations asked of her,she'll be able to check out the scenario.
 star power goes and comes in handy to go through Guitar Hero setlists,variants
 the rock meter will remain in the green if you continue playing very good in what mode you choose.If the rock meter is going red this means your playing isn't looking good fc'd

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