Nickelback is a Canadian rock band. They have contributed several songs featured in the Guitar Hero Series. The songs featured are "Because Of You", as DLC for Guitar Hero World TourHow You Remind Me in the main setlist in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, Edge of a Revolution and Get 'em Up in Guitar Hero Live

Contributions to Guitar Hero Edit

Band Members Edit

  • Chad Kroeger  – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar  
  • Ryan Peake  – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals  
  • Mike Kroeger – Bass
  • Daniel Alair – Drums, Backing Vocals

Discography Edit

  • Curb (1996)
  • The State (1998)
  •  (2001)
  • The Long Road (2003)
  • The Right Reasons (2005)
  •  (2008)
  • Here and Now (2011)                                                                                                                                                             No Fixed Address (2014)     

Video Edit

Because of You, 100% FC Expert Guitar Hero World Tour00:00

Because of You, 100% FC Expert Guitar Hero World Tour

Because Of You-Guitar Hero World Tour

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