Songs for the Deaf

Album cover

No One Knows
Performed by Queens of the Stone Age
Year 2002
Appears in Guitar Hero
Tier 5
★★★★ (Expert) 117,536
★★★★★ (Expert) 176,304

No One Knows is a song by Queens of the Stone Age and is featured on their album, Songs for the Deaf.

Appears InEdit

Guitar Hero (5th tier)

This song appears as a Cover Version.


Song StatsEdit

Difficulty Total Notes Base Score 4-Star 5-Star
Easy 709 38,524 79,046 118,572
Medium 777 52,021 104,042 156,063
Hard 901 65,491 130,982 196,473
Expert 972 73,957 147,914 221,871


100% on Expert

No One Knows 1st Place Full Band 100%04:48

No One Knows 1st Place Full Band 100%

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