Ozzfest is a venue in Guitar Hero World Tour, based on the alternative rock/metal festival created in 1996 by Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon. It is the sixteenth venue, located in an unspecified city in Germany. Ozzy Osbourne makes an appearance to sing Mr. Crowley and the encore Crazy Train. It's the 16th venue in the Guitar, Bass, and Band careers, the 14th venue in the Drum career, and the 4th venue in the Vocals career.


A wall of speakers stands on each side of the stage. Above the stage sits a dark face of some unknown beast with glowing, yellow eyes, with letters spelling "OZZFEST" in an arching manner above it.


Two golden tentacles appear from both sides of beast's face and lash out at the ground in front of the audience.

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In real life, Ozzfest has had shows in Germany, in the 2002 edition (the first one to have shows outside United States and United Kingdom, and third to have gigs in Europe), in the cities of Nürburgring (tied in with the Rock im Park festival) and Braunschweig.