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The Quest Mode screen in GH:WOR. Complete chapters are shown with a blue gauge while incomplete are shown with an empty gauge.

Quest Mode is a new game mode in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The mode consists of eight warriors gaining powers to rescue the Demi-God of Rock after he was imprisoned by the Scourge of Rock. Each character chapter has a number of songs that match the genre of the character, and 3 other characters (singer, drummer, bassist) that fit the character. For each chapter the player has to collect a certain number of stars before the character changes into their warrior ego. Also each character has an ability to help collect stars.

Quest Mode can be played single player or with friends via the internet.


After completing the game and unlocking the Demi-God of Rock, the player is all-powerful, and has all powers combined. Domination is where with all powers, the power collects all 40 stars in every song. Chapters dominated glow with fire. Domination can be done on any difficulty.

Character ChaptersEdit

Johnny NapalmEdit

Power: Speed Freak+ Warrior Power:2x Minimum multiplier which rises quickly. 35 Stars to Transform, 320 Stars to Dominate

Echo TeslaEdit

Power: Star Power Generator+ Warrior Power: 5% Star power per 10 note streak

27 Stars to transform, 400 Stars to Dominate

Judy NailsEdit

Power: Crowd Hyper+ Warrior Power: Rock meter starts maxed.

45 Stars to Transform, 400 Stars to Dominate

Austin TejasEdit

Power: Star Power Amplifier+ Warrior Power : Star Power is increased from 25% to 100%

27 Stars to Transform, 400 Stars to Dominate

Legendary Guitar StageEdit


Power: Star Power Nova+ Warrior Power: Star Power multiplier is 6x instead of 2x

24 Stars to Transform, 360 Stars to Dominate

Lars UmlautEdit

Power: Multiplier Extender Warrior Power: Max multiplier is 6x instead of 4x

27 Stars to Transform, 400 Stars to Dominate

Casey LynchEdit

Power: Streak Guardian+ Warrior Power: The streak, rock meter and multiplier will be protected with 2 shields, instead of 1, in case of overstrum or miss. Longer streaks give more stars. Keeping high note streaks will give you up to 5 stars.

24 Stars to Transform, 360 Stars to Dominate

Axel SteelEdit

Power: Resurector+ Warrior Power: You have 5 Ankhs instead of 2 in case you fail the song. Save Ankhs to recieve extra stars

40 Stars to Transform, 360 Stars to Dominate

The Final BattleEdit

Demigod of RockEdit

440 Stars to Dominate

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