Riki Lee, born Riki Lee Landslide, is a new playable character in Guitar Hero World Tour, featured in the cutscenes and the Recording Studio as the Vocalist for a band with himself, Matty Cannz, Marcus Fretshredder and Shirley Crowley. He also is the instructor for the Vocal Tutorial. From his Accent he might be American like Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Guns N Roses Axl Rose or Canadian like Poison's Bret Michaels. Actually, he is American as well.


Formerly known as child star Riki Lee Landslide, Riki's foray into the world of music began as a 10-year-old boy in the family singing group, The Dodsons. After a few hard years which he often refers to as his "Black Years", Riki Lee Landslide emerged simply as Riki Lee, with a style all his own and a voice that could shatter glass... At will. - Guitar Hero World Tour in-game bio


Riki is a red-haired, twig-thin man, who seems to evoke the mythical rock singer Iggy Pop in his youth. He also is slightly a reference to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, as Riki Lee has a very loud scream (like Tyler). This is shown in the opening cutscene for Guitar Hero World Tour.

His outfit in his debut game is:

Torso: Tassel Fever
Pants: Nice Spandex
Shoes: Lowtop Cowboy
Accessories: MackEnchow (left arm), Tiki Time (right arm) He doesn't wear the Tiki Time in the Wii and Playstation 2 versions.

Note that Riki's shades do not appear as a separate piece.

In Guitar Hero Metallica, he wears a black single long sleeved shirt with a skull on it, and also a black bandana with a skull. He wears black jeans with a belt and is much more muscular than in GHWT. The outfit is also similar to one of Guns N Roses lead Singer Axl Rose's outfits. To unlock Riki in this game, you need to get 55 stars in the Vocals career mode.

Torso : Skullduggery

Pants : KDPants

Shoes : Lowtop Cowboy

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