thumb|500px|rightRise Against is a Chicago based melodic hardcore band formed around 1999. At the time, the band consisted of some of the members from 88 Fingers Louie and other small undiscovered, underground bands. The band recorded their first EP in 2000 titled Transistor Revolt. After that Rise Against got signed with Fat Wreck Chords to produce two other albums.

Rise Against is currently signed under Geffen Records where they have released their newest album Appeal to Reason. Their line-up hasn't had many changes. They have went through 4 guitarists and two drummers. Frontman Tim McIlgrath and bassist Joe Principe are currently the only original members. As of 2009 RA's lineup consists of:

Tim McIlrath - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Zach Blair - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Joe Principe - Bass, Backing Vocals

Brandon Barnes - Drums

Band MembersEdit

Tim McIlrath - Lead Vocals, Guitar (1999-present)

Mr. Precision - Guitar (1999-2002)

Joe Principe - Bass, Backing Vocals (1999-present)

Tony Tintari - Drums (1999-2000)

Brandon Barnes - Drums (2001-present)


  • Rise Against is often known for their PETA affiliation and activism.

Songs in Guitar Hero GamesEdit

Prayer of the Refugee - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Re-Education (Through Labor) - Guitar Hero World Tour

Death Blossoms - Guitar Hero World Tour

Audience Of One - Guitar Hero World Tour

Ready To Fall - Guitar Hero World Tour

Savior - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock                                                                                                                      K                                                                                                                                                                           Tragedy + Time - Guitar Hero Live                                                                                                                              O                                                                                                                                                                                   Satelite - Guitar Hero Live

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