Guitar Hero: Metallica is the third spinoff title, and the second title based on a specific band in the Guitar Hero series. It is based around the influential American thrash metal band Metallica.


The game includes 49 tracks, 28 which are Metallica's songs, the other 21 are by bands Metallica played with, inspired Metallica, influenced Metallica, or songs that Metallica covered. The songs that are in bold are Metallica songs.

Year Song title Artist Band Career Tier/Venue
1980 "Ace of Spades" Motörhead 5. Damaged Justice Tour
1994 "Albatross" Corrosion of Conformity 4. Hammersmith Apollo
2008 "All Nightmare Long" Metallica 5. Damaged Justice Tour
1982 "Am I Evil?" Diamond Head 6. The Meadowlands
1980 "Armed and Ready" Michael Schenker Group 4. Hammersmith Apollo (encore)
1986 "Battery" Metallica 6. The Meadowlands
2007 "Beautiful Mourning" Machine Head 7. Donington Park
2008 "The Black River" The Sword 5. Damaged Justice Tour
2004 "Blood and Thunder" Mastodon 6. The Meadowlands
1976 "The Boys Are Back in Town" Thin Lizzy 4. Hammersmith Apollo
2008 "Broken, Beat and Scarred" Metallica 9. The Stone Nightclub (encore)
1984 "Creeping Death" Metallica 6. The Meadowlands
2008 "Cyanide" Metallica 9. The Stone Nightclub
1994 "Demon Cleaner" Kyuss 2. Tushino Air Field
1986 "Disposable Heroes" Metallica 7. Donington Park
1988 "Dyers Eve" Metallica 7. Donington Park
1991 "Enter Sandman" Metallica 3. Metallica at Tushino (encore)
2008 "Evil" Mercyful Fate 7. Donington Park
1984 "Fade to Black" Metallica 4. Hammersmith Apollo
1984 "Fight Fire with Fire" Metallica 7. Donington Park
1984 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" Metallica 1. The Forum
2003 "Frantic" Metallica 5. Damaged Justice Tour
1997 "Fuel" Metallica 5. Damaged Justice Tour
1978 "Hell Bent for Leather" Judas Priest 5. Damaged Justice Tour
1983 "Hit the Lights" Metallica 5. Damaged Justice Tour
1996 "King Nothing" Metallica 3. Metallica at Tushino
1986 "Master of Puppets" Metallica 6. The Meadowlands
1997 "The Memory Remains" Metallica 4. Hammersmith Apollo
1998 "Mercyful Fate" Metallica 6. The Meadowlands
1998 "Mommy's Little Monster" (Live) Social Distortion 5. Damaged Justice Tour
1986 "Mother of Mercy" Samhain 2. Tushino Air Field
2008 "My Apocalypse" Metallica 9. The Stone Nightclub
1994 "No Excuses" Alice in Chains 2. Tushino Air Field
1999 "No Leaf Clover" Metallica 3. Metallica at Tushino
1991 "Nothing Else Matters" Metallica 3. Metallica at Tushino
1988 "One" Metallica 5. Damaged Justice Tour
1986 "Orion" Metallica 4. Hammersmith Apollo
1991 "Sad but True" Metallica 3. Metallica at Tushino
1983 "Seek & Destroy" Metallica 6. The Meadowlands
1988 "The Shortest Straw" Metallica 7. Donington Park
1999 "Stacked Actors" Foo Fighters 4. Hammersmith Apollo
1974 "Stone Cold Crazy" Queen 6. The Meadowlands (encore)
1986 "The Thing That Should Not Be" Metallica 8. The Ice Cave (encore)
2001 "Toxicity" System of a Down 4. Hammersmith Apollo
1973 "Tuesday's Gone" Lynyrd Skynyrd 2. Tushino Air Field
1976 "Turn the Page" (Live) Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band 2. Tushino Air Field (encore)
1991 "The Unforgiven" Metallica 1. The Forum (encore)
1990 "War Ensemble" Slayer 7. Donington Park
1990 "War Inside My Head" Suicidal Tendencies 5. Damaged Justice Tour (encore)
1986 "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" Metallica 4. Hammersmith Apollo
1991 "Wherever I May Roam" Metallica 4. Hammersmith Apollo
1983 "Whiplash" Metallica 7. Donington Park (encore)
Songs of Guitar Hero: Metallica
The Forum
For Whom the Bell Tolls - The Unforgiven
Tushino Airfield
Demon Cleaner - No Excuses - Tuesday's Gone - Turn the Page
Metallica at Tushino
Sad but True - Nothing Else Matters - No Leaf Clover - King Nothing - Enter Sandman
Hammersmith Apollo
Albatross - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Toxicity - Wherever I May Roam - Stacked Actors - Orion - Fade to Black - The Boys Are Back in Town - Armed and Ready
Damaged Justice Tour
Ace of Spades - All Nightmare Long - The Black River - Frantic - Fuel - Hell Bent for Leather - Mommy's Little Monster - One - War Inside My Head
The Meadowlands
Am I Evil? - Battery - Blood and Thunder - Creeping Death - Master of Puppets - Mercyful Fate - Seek & Destroy - Stone Cold Crazy
Donington Park
Beautiful Morning - Disposable Heroes - Dyers Eve - Evil - Fight Fire with Fire - The Shortest Straw - War Ensemble - Whiplash
The Ice Cave
The Thing That Should Not Be
The Stone Nightclub
Cyanide - My Apocalypse - Broken, Beat & Scarred

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