Here is the complete setlist for Guitar Hero Arcade including regular and premium songs. Premium songs require an additional credit in order to play.


Year Song title Artist Master recording? Tier Premium?
2007 "Almost Easy" Avenged Sevenfold Yes 6.66. The Hottest Band on Earth -
2007 "Anarchy in the U.K." Sex Pistols Yesa 4.34. On the Road -
2007 "Arsonist""The Arsonist" Thrice Yes 5.65. Welcome to the Big Time -
1995 "Avalancha"b Héroes del Silencio Yes 3.43. Getting the Word Out Yes
1977 "Barracuda" Heart No 3.13. Getting the Word Out Yes
1970 "Black Magic Woman" Santana No 5.35. Welcome to the Big Time Yes
1992 "Black Sunshine" White Zombie No 7.17. Turning Out the Hits -
1996 "Bulls on Parade" Rage Against the Machine Yes 2.52. Your First Real Gig -
1993 "Cherub Rock" Smashing PumpkinsThe Smashing Pumpkins Yes 4.54. Out on the Road Yes
1972 "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll" Blue Öyster Cult No 6.16. The Hottest Band on Earth -
1990 "Cliffs of Dover" Eric Johnson No 8.38. The Axes of Legend -
2006 "Closer" Lacuna Coil Yes 2.42. Your First Real Gig -
2007 "Cult of Personality" Living Colour Yesa 8.28. The Axes of Legend Yes
2006 "Don't Hold Back" SleepingThe Sleeping Yes 7.27. Turning Out the Hits Yes
1990 "For the Love of God" Steve Vai Yes 8.58. The Axes of Legend Yes
2005 "Helicopter"b Bloc Party Yes 3.23. Getting the Word Out -
1980 "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" Pat Benatar No 1.31. Starting Out Small -
2006 "Hole in the Earth" Deftones Yes 2.62. Your First Real Gig -
1980 "Holiday in Cambodia" Dead Kennedys No 6.56. The Hottest Band on Earths -
1981 "Jukebox Hero" Foreigner Yes 1.71. Starting Out Small -
2006 "In the Belly of a Shark" Gallows Yes 6.46. The Hottest Band on Earths -
2006 "Knights of Cydonia" Muse Yes 7.47. Turning Out the Hits Yes
1973 "La Grange" ZZ Top No 5.25. Welcome to the Big Time -
2006 "Lay Down" Priestess Yes 3.53. Getting the Word Out -
2006 "Metal""The Metal" Tenacious D Yes 8.18. The Axes of Legend -
1970 "Mississippi Queen" Mountain No 2.22. Your First Real Gig -
2006 "Monsters" Matchbook Romance Yes 6.26. The Hottest Band on Earth -
2008 "Motorhead" Motörhead Yes 7.57. Turning Out the Hits -
2007 "No More Sorrow" Linkin Park Yes 3.63. Getting the Word Out -
1966 "Paint It, Black"c Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones Yes 4.14. Out on the Road -
1970 "Paranoid" Black Sabbath No 3.33. Getting the Word Out -
1976 "Peace of Mind" Boston Yes 6.36. The Hottest Band on Earth Yes
2007 "Pretty Handsome Awkward" UsedThe Used Yes 2.72. Your First Real Gig -
1983 "Pride and Joy" Stevie Ray Vaughan No 5.55. Welcome to the Big Time -
2003 "Reptilia" StrokesThe Strokes Yes 4.4</uspan>4. Out on the Road -
1975 "Rock and Roll All Nite" Kiss No 1.41. Starting Out Small -
1984 "Rock You Like a Hurricane" Scorpions No 5.15. Welcome to the Big Time -
1994 "Sabotage" Beastie Boys Yes 1.51. Starting Out Small -
1974 "Same Old Song and Dance"b Aerosmith Yes 5.45. Welcome to the Big Time -
1972 "School's Out" Alice Cooper No 2.32. Your First Real Gig -
1989 "She Bangs the Drums" Stone RosesThe Stone Roses No 4.24. Out on the Road -
2006 "Sleeping Giant" Mastodon Yes 7.67. Turning Out the Hits Yes
1975 "Slow Ride" Foghat No 1.11. Starting Out Small -
2005 "Stricken" Disturbed Yes 7.37. Turning Out the Hits -
1968 "Sunshine of Your Love" Cream No 2.12. Your First Real Gig -
1987 "Surfing With the Alien" Joe Satriani Yes 8.68. The Axes of Legend -
2006 "Take This Life" In Flames Yes 8.48. The Axes of Legend -
1987 "Talk Dirty to Me" Poison Yesd 1.21. Starting Out Small -
1995 "This Is A Call" Foo Fighters Yes 4.64. Out on the Road -
2000 "Yellow" Coldplay Yes 1.61. Starting Out Small -

^a This song was re-recorded specifically for Guitar Hero III.[1]

^b Song has a rhythm guitar track instead of a bass guitar co-operative play track.

^c Song has no rhythm guitar or bass guitar track included and, thus, cannot be played in any co-operative mode.

^d This song is a cover with vocals re-recorded by Bret Michaels.


  1. Saltzman, Mark (2007-11-08). "'Guitar Hero III' rocks with more of the same". USA Today. Retrieved on 2008-05-07. 

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