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Star Power gems as they appear in GH2. The star power meter is seen above the rock meter.

Star Power is a feature in all Guitar Hero games.


In all games the player can receive star power by hitting all notes that appear in the shape of stars, or by using the whammy bar on sustained notes within the star power phases. If all the star power notes are hit in the segment then the star power meter will be filled up by one-fourth. If one note is missed however the star power notes will convert to standard notes. To use it the meter must be filled at least half-way. Though the higher the meter is filled the longer it will last before depletion. It can be activated by two ways. Either by titling the guitar vertically, or by pressing the select button. In use star power can double the current Multiplier by two (2x - 4x, 3x - 6x, 4x - 8x), and can raise the rock meter faster than average. Strategically it is best to use star power whenever a 4x multiplier is present, or if the player is in a difficult section of a song. Also in games before GHWT if star power is activated any other star power notes won't appear, while in GHWT if star power is used and the player hits the sequence then the star power will be added into the star meter. While active, star power applies a reverb effect on guitar and bass, being much more noticeable on guitar. The reverb became less intense in GHWT and much less so in GH5 and Band Hero. Star power seems to have no audible effect in GHWoR.

Later GamesEdit

Guitar Hero: World TourEdit

In Guitar Hero World Tour star power is used with the new microphone, and drumset. Star power is the same on a drumset as it is on a guitar. For star power to be used on a drumset, both cymbals have to be hit at the same time. Any notes missed while activating star power will be auto-played, and won't cause a multiplier loss. For a vocalist however star power can be obtained in other ways. While singing, a hype may appear. This appears as a group of the crowd's hands with the star power glow. Simply sing while in this section to obtain it. Also the player can hit star sequences that appear as standard notes but with the usual glow, or singing phrases perfectly and obtaining "solid" or "excellent" ratings will grant the player star power. To activate it on a mic either press the square button on the controller, tap the top of the mic, or blow a rush of air into the mic.

Guitar Hero 5Edit

In Guitar Hero 5 star power is different on the microphone. Not all notes grant star power, and hypes aren't available anymore. Star power can only be gained by obtaining an excellent rating on a phrase will glows with energy.

In Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock the same aspects apply from GH:5. Also in the new Quest Mode, the player can gain powers which affect star power. These powers can allow the player to attain more star power faster than normal, or the multiplier of star power can be increased. Another power can grant a small portion of star power for a ten note streak.

Band Star PowerEdit

Star power differs slightly while playing in a band. In pre-GH5 games, star power is shared equally meaning anyone could trigger star power if there is any available. For larger scores, star power can be used simultaneously. This achieves an even greater band multiplier.

Band MomentsEdit

Similar to star power, another type of power-up exists in Guitar Hero: 5, and later games. This is the band moment. Band moments appear as fiery notes on the highway. Obtaining a band moment is the same as obtaining star power. Each member of the band must hit all notes in the sequence. Doing so will add a 3x to the band multiplier. If each member has a 4x multiplier, another 4 will be added, and another 4 for each having star power active thus achieving an 8x. All together the multiplier would be comprised of an 11x. In GH5 and Band Hero if any members make a mistake in the sequence a "Band Moment Failed" notification will appear on the screen. In GH6 if any members make a mistake in the sequence a large X appears over their respective highway.

Star Power OverloadEdit

Existing only in band play, there is an occurrence called star power overload. With this members of a band can achieve star power from one person. Unlike in earlier games, each person has their own star power meter. If one player has a full meter, and gains more, then the newly gained will be divided between the other members of the band, should they not have a full meter.

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