Strutter's Farm is a venue in Guitar Hero World Tour. It is the 9th tier for the Guitar and Band careers, the 12th tier for the Bass career, the 10th tier for the Vocals career, and the 7th tier for the Drum career. Ted Nugent makes an appearance to either fight you on Guitar Duel or play Stranglehold.

Guitar SetlistEdit

Band SetlistEdit

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Strutter's Farm takes place at a county fair. Many rides, including a merry-go-round and a ferris wheel can be seen. The stage is in front of a large barn. In the background, a KFC tub can be seen.


At the encore, the ferris wheel breaks free from its structuring and rolls away into the distance. Also, Ted Nugent rides a buffalo onto the stage before playing the guitar for Stranglehold.


The venue's name references a Kiss song, 'Strutter'.

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