Swamp Shack is the seventh venue in Guitar Hero World Tour. Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde appears to either challenge you to a Guitar Duel (if playing the guitarist's solo career) or play the guitar (lead guitar if playing the bassist, drummer, or vocalist solo careers, and rhythm guitar if playing the band career with a guitarist) and sing Stillborn (unless playing the vocalist's solo career, or playing the band career with a vocalist).

Guitar SetlistEdit

Band SetlistEdit

Vocals SetlistEdit

Bass SetlistEdit


The band bows out for the night, and the vocalist nods to the crowd as if to say, "Thank you all for coming, you've been a wonderful audience." Crowd members start throwing bottles of whiskey at the band as if demanding an encore. The singer, dodging them, finally puts up his/her index finger as if to say, "Alright, alright, one more song, if it'll make you happy." Tough crowd, apparently.

Magazine CoverEdit

Upon completion of the gig, or replaying any song in career mode at this venue, a magazine cover will appear on screen with a picture of Zakk Wylde on it and a caption witten in all captial letters that reads, "*band name*, ZAKK'S WYLDE ABOUT 'THE NEXT BIG THING!'"

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