Will Heilm's Keep is the twelfth venue in Guitar Hero World Tour. It's the sixteenth venue in the Vocalist career. The Police's Sting appears to sing Demolition Man.


The stage is set in front of a medieval castle with an open drawbridge. At the top of the castle sits a giant cauldron.

Guitar SetlistEdit

Band SetlistEdit

Bass SetlistEdit

Vocals SetlistEdit

Drums SetlistEdit


For the encore, small, yellow specks fly across the sky in the distance (it's unclear whether these are flaming arrows, fireballs, meteors, or shooting stars). The cauldron above the castle tips over, pouring lava onto the drawbridge.

Magazine CoverEdit

Upon completion of the gig, or replaying any song in career mode at this venue, a magazine cover will appear on screen with a picture of Sting on it and a caption written in all capital letters that reads, "*band name*: THEY STING LIKE A BEE!"

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